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What's the Construction Technology of Compact Wall cladding Hanging System?

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What's the Construction Technology of Compact Wall cladding Hanging System?

Compact board wall hanging system is a new wall system composed of Compact board combined with professional metal keels. It has reliable physical properties, superior chemical properties and specialized keel structure, which makes the compact board wall hanging system have unique advantages.


Compact board is made of phenolic resin and wear-resistant kraft paper through high temperature and high pressure pressing. It is a wear-resistant decorative board with strong waterproof and moisture-proof performance. Compared with traditional stone inner wall, latex paint inner wall, wood inner wall, aluminum plate inner wall and other traditional materials, it has the advantages of dirt resistance, static electricity resistance, impact resistance, friction resistance, more color selectivity, and rapid installation. compact hanging is very practical as a wall board, and it has almost all possible indoor damages.


Among them, the bending angle system of bending compact laminate makes the wall surface more beautiful and safe with its unique bending angle treatment method. Especially, it is widely used in places that need collision prevention, abrasion resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, such as offices, laboratories, schools, hospitals, and some public transportation means such as automobiles, ships, railways, etc.

The actual construction process of the compact wall hanging system includes the following points: base treatment---- Wall layout----- Keel fabrication----- Keel fixation ------fixing-double sided adhesive----- Inject structural adhesive ------ Compact board sticking ----- Glue Injection for Plate Joints -----cleaning-----acceptance

1. base treatment

Clean up floating sand, dust and foreign matters on the wall surface, and repair to ensure the wall surface is basically flat.

2. Wall layout

According to the wall layout drawing and the actual situation on site, the anti-doubling plate grid lines will be bounced on the wall.


3. keel production

Keel spacing is easily 350 ~ 600 mm. 25*50*3.0 aluminum square pipe main keels are used at the joints of the anti-double special plates, 25X25X2.0 aluminum square pipes are used for the auxiliary keels in the plates, and L-shaped aluminum alloy connectors are used for fixing the intersections of the vertical and horizontal keels. In order to facilitate the construction, vertical and horizontal keels are assembled on the ground in advance, and generally each assembly unit is not more than 6m.


 4. Keel fixation

Install the assembled keel unit on the wall, adjust the flatness to meet the requirements, and fix it with expansion bolts and "L" shaped aluminum alloy connectors (rivets shall be used when the wall surface is a light body wall), and the spacing between fixing points shall not be greater than 500mm.

5. fixing-double sided adhesive.

Since the curing time of structural adhesive is 24 hours, it is temporarily fixed with strong double-sided adhesive. Remove the double-sided adhesive tape and stick it on the longitudinal and transverse keels at a spacing of 150-200mm with a length of 25 mm.


6. Inject structural adhesive

The rest of the surface of aluminum alloy keel shall be injected with structural adhesive with a thickness slightly higher than that of double-sided adhesive, generally not less than 5 mm. The structural adhesive shall be applied evenly with consistent thickness.

7. Compact board sticking

Remove the film covering on the other side of the double-sided adhesive tape, cut the anti-doubling plate according to the layout drawing, and lightly press it on the keel. The width of the gap between plates shall be determined according to the decoration design. A small amount of flatness error can be adjusted by structural adhesive thickness.

8. Glue Injection for Plate Joints

Stick anti-fouling surface paper along both sides of the plate seam, and apply neutral sealant to the plate seam with a glue gun. The sealant shall be tightly embedded, smooth and smooth.

9. Cleaning

Remove the paper at the seam of the board and clean the board.


10. Acceptance

According to the national standards and relevant design requirements for acceptance.


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