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What is the most prominent role of HPL board in decoration?

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High pressure laminate(HPL) surface color, processing pattern, can be roughly divided into pure color series, wood grain series, stone grain series, metal series, cloth series, etc., is the most popular pure color and wood grain series, HPL has tens of thousands of colors to choose from, and wood grain series HPL includes from the most common wood texture, to all kinds of rare or rare Chinese and foreign wood pattern.Say so, decorative HPL with its numerous surface pattern, in line with the public imagination of modern home outfit, adapted to the decoration demand of different styles.Accordingly, be decorative, decorative surface HPL had great advantage on decorate plate market.

HPL panel

What's more, in addition to the beautiful decoration effect, the decorative HPL also has extremely excellent flame retardant performance.The high-quality veneer HPL can reach the B1 level fire retardant standard test, which can play a fire retardant effect for about half an hour, effectively slowing down the spread of the fire.At the same time, the HPL has the characteristics of wear-resistant, easy to clean, is a kind of durable practical plate.


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