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What are the matters needing attention in processing zhongtian chemical resistant laminate?

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What are the matters needing attention in processing zhongtian chemical resistant laminate?

Chemical resistant laminate are commonly used in laboratories. Zhongtian polybett has some suggestions on the processing and use of chemical resistant laminate:


1. The surface of the corrosion-resistant chemical resistant laminate must be covered with a protective film. When taking the physicochemical plate, it must be lifted to absolutely avoid dragging and collision on the surface of the chemical resistant laminate to prevent surface scratch and corner damage.

2. Storage must be horizontally placed, no tilting, overhead stacking, shelves should have sufficient and uniform support, to avoid plate deformation; Do not stack the plates outdoors at will, store them in a cool and dry place, avoid sunlight as far as possible and place them directly on the ground (they can be cushioned by pallet), or contact with the external wall to avoid dampness. In the indoor environment with constant temperature and humidity, stacking can be done in layers, and the stacking height shall not be higher than 3 meters. Product protection shall be paid attention to when stacking whole plates to prevent products from being damaged or deformed. For products with thickness less than 10mm (including 10mm), stacking whole plates is not recommended. The pallet size must be larger than the product to ensure sufficient strength and stability, and the edges of the same size must be aligned. If the sizes after cutting are different, the plates with small sizes should be stacked on the plates with large sizes. It is recommended to lay damp-proof mat boards on the top and bottom of the board, whether it is processed on the site or sent to the site for storage after being cut by the factory. After opening the package, the top layer still needs to be turned over and placed.

3. In order to avoid cracking caused by stress concentration, the acute angle of this case should be avoided when digging holes. It is recommended to keep the arc with the minimum bending radius of 3.175mm for all corner parts of the inner angle, and smooth the rest corners.

chemical resistant laminate hpl

4. Installation: For C-SPC tabletops with a thickness of more than 12mm, if heavy objects need to be piled up, the load-bearing structure must be reinforced, and the width of the lower water retaining false edge must be greater than 20 mm. For details, please consult relevant personnel of our company. The installation and splicing between C-SPC of the same splicing surface must be carried out in the same direction in the transverse direction or longitudinal direction of the product, and melon seeds with a thickness of 3mm shall be spliced. AB glue, epoxy glue, etc. are recommended for the bonding part. When connecting with wall surface or other building materials, sufficient space must be reserved, and it is recommended to be more than 10 mm. When using the laboratory table top, the screw fixing method must be used. At the same time, the right-angle hardware shall be fixed at intervals of 50cm, and the right-angle hardware shall be fixed with flat-head screws with a diameter of about 5 mm. When necessary, crosspieces shall be added to the back of the chemical resistant laminate, and drill holes shall be drilled with a gun drill with a limit to prevent the drilling depth from penetrating the surface excessively. When installing a laboratory table top, a space must be left at the joint of the two boards to prevent the table top from expanding and bending. In humid environment, use adjustable joint to reserve expansion space for plate. Use silica gel to close the joint, but avoid the joint near the sink and avoid the joint near the sink. The processed tabletop shall be installed as soon as possible after it arrives at the construction site, and the protective film on the surface of the refractory plate shall be torn off immediately after the installation, otherwise uneven stress and deformation will easily occur for a long time.


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