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Performance of Zhongtian·Polybett compact wall cladding hanging system

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Performance of Zhongtian·Polybett compact wall cladding hanging system

1: a variety of colors, more than one thousand kinds of colors and more than 10 kinds of different surface treatments;

2: the construction is simple, using the wall system dry hanging construction process, on-site construction, more convenient, simple;

3: beautiful and simple, can be the weak electricity, strong power equipment installation into concealed construction, the wall form is beautiful and simple;

compact wall cladding hanging sheet

4: The space is small, after the construction of the wall is completed according to the form of metal keel used, the distance from the foundation wall is only 2-7 cm, effectively expanding the use space;

5: Strong durability, the metal keel system of the wall are high quality aluminum profiles after secondary oxidation, combined with the good physical and chemical performance of the compact laminate boards, so that the service life of the wall system is more than 30 years;

6: Dry construction, can be carried out with the other internal installation projects at the same time, greatly saving the construction time;

compact wall cladding hanging system

7: round corner treatment, compact laminate boards can bend Yin and Yang corner wall board, smooth plane to maximize the safety of the human body, humanized more prominent;

8: Strong anti-impact ability, the perfect combination of keel and plate, greatly improve its anti-impact characteristics.


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