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Compact lamiante board locker

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Compact lamiante board locker

Material: compact laminate board + stainless steel accessories

Purpose: school storage cabinet, employee locker, etc

Features: Durable, waterproof and moisture-proof

[Product application scope] School storage cabinet, gym storage cabinet, swimming pool locker, staff locker, etc

hpl locker

[product description]

Polybett compact laminate locker is made of compact laminate board and stainless steel hardware splicing.The variety of plate colors and surface treatments,

Cabinet body style is rich, flexible combination, visual demand, design different combination way.And can be matched with a variety of locks according to the needs,

Such as key lock, padlock, password lock, coin lock, number plate and wrist band, etc.

phenolic locker

[Product characteristics]

1. Impact-resistant, moisture-proof and rust-proof

2. No mold breeding, no peculiar smell, easy to clean and maintain

3. Flexible design and rich colors

4. The adjustment type laminate design is easier for the storage of objects

5. The laminate and column are linked with unique corner code screws

6. Special Angle code ensures the safety and reliability of the laminate

7. Tie all kinds of cabinet locks for convenient use and ensure the safety of items


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